TOMS Inaugural Meeting

Thursday, August 23 - 0830-1200
Introduction and Status Reports

0830 - Breakfast

0855 - Welcome and Logistics
Theresa Paluszkiewicz, Office of Naval Reseach.

0900 - Expert System Project Overview
Theresa Paluszkiewicz, Office of Naval Reseach.

0920 - Expert System Data Assimilation
Manuel Fiadeiro, Office of Naval Reseach.

0930 - Expert System Project Communication
Theresa Paluszkiewicz, Office of Naval Reseach.

0940 - TOMS Technical Overview and Status.
Hernan G. Arango, IMCS, Rutgers University.
Tal Ezer, Princeton University.
Alexander F. Shchepetkin, IGPP, University of California at Los Angeles.

1030 - Break

1040 - Physical and Numerical Issues in River Plume Modeling
Robert Hetland, Texas A&M University.
W. Rockell Geyer, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

1105 - The Development of BBL in the General Vertical Coordinate System.
Tony Song and Yi Chao, Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

1130 - TOMS Data Assimilation Status.
Andrew M. Moore, University of Colorado.
Arthur J. Miller, Scripts Institute of Oceanography.
Bruce Cornuelle, Scripts Institute of Oceanography.
Hernan G. Arango, IMCS, Rutgers University.

1200 - Lunch

Thursday, August 23 - 1300-1730
Discussion Topics

1300 - Expert System Structural Design.
Discussion Leader: Hernan G. Arango

1330 - Expert System Kernel Elements.
Discussion Leader: Alexander F. Shchepetkin

1400 - User Elements
Discussion Leaders: Tal Ezer and Robert Hetland

1430 - Data Assimilation Requirements
Discussion Leader: Andrew F. Bennett

1500 - Break

1515 - Mixing Processes and Sub-Grid Scale Parameterizations
Discussion Leader: James C. McWilliams

1545 - Test Problems
Discussion Leader: Dale B. Haidvogel

1615 - Open Forum
George L. Mellor, Princeton University.
John S. Allen, College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University.
Robert L. Street, Stanford University.
Alistair Adcroft, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

1635 - Special Options and Future Elements

1800 - Group photograph and Dinner reception, NCAR's Mesa Lab.

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