What version of ROMS to checkout from svn?

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What version of ROMS to checkout from svn?

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It seems that there is a confusion about what version of ROMS to download from the svn repository. Perhaps, the instructions are not clear.

You need to checkout the trunk since this it the only version that will be corrected and/or updated:

svn checkout https://www.myroms.org/svn/src/trunk MyDir

If your username on your local computer is not the same as your ROMS username you will need to type instead:

svn checkout --username MyUserName https://www.myroms.org/svn/src/trunk MyDir

This username is the same that you provided during registration. This username allows to sign to all ROMS protected web pages. The nice thing about svn is that you need type the password only once per local computer. After that svn will remember your password.

The versions under the tags directory are frozen in time and will never be updated :!: They are basically used for reference purposes. You need to use an svn client to download the code :!: If you go the svn URL and download the code by other means, you do not get the correct code and will not be able to update in the future. I can belive that some users are trying to do so. It is mind boggling. :x

If you check the web-based bug tracking pages, you will notice that I already made a correction to the trunk:


I am sure that we will continue updating the trunk frequently, as more bugs and/or typos are discovered. Subversion is very powerful because once that you checkout the trunk, which you need to do only once, you can update very easily your version on your local computer by just typing:

svn update

We are slowly building the release notes. Please check:


Good luck, :wink:

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