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Inquires about ROMS new version

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I am currently receiving a lot of e-mails inquiring about the new ROMS version. We know that there is a lot of interest out there about this version which is long overdue. However, we ask you to be a little patient with us. We are making sure that the new release is very stable and hopefully free of bugs. Several beta-testers have been playing with the new codes for months to ensure a stable release. John Warner, Kate Hedstrom, and I have been working hard on several aspects of the release for the last two months. We expect to release this version sometime next week (around April 25).

The changes are indeed massive. The new version includes three new models: perturbation tangent linear model (TLM), finite amplitude tangent linear model (RPM), and adjoint model (ADM). It also includes several adjoint-based drivers.

The new version also includes a lot of new features and a structure that facilitates model usage. We are sure that you will like the new features.

The new version will be exclusively distributed via subversion (svn) and not with tars and patches. For more information about svn please visit:

SVN is a powerful version control software that will facilitate continuous updating of ROMS versions and bug fixes. It comes with a web-based bug/issue tracking system (trac).

So you need to be sure that you have an svn client installed on your computer to download the new version. The code is still password protected. However, you need to type it once and the UNIX system will remember it. Then, after checking out the code, which is also done only once, you can update your copy by typing:

svn update

There are many other svn clients. A list can be found here.

That's all.

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