some of the standard output in netcdf

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some of the standard output in netcdf

#1 Post by rduran »

I think that this might be a relatively easy and quite useful feature:

There are several good reasons why one would want to plot time series of kinetic or potential energy, volume, or maximum velocities ... all that info is available in the out file but it is not straightforward to put it into vectors to plot. If the same info was written in a netcdf file (including a time vector) then it should be straightforward to plot and carry the info in a small valuable netcdf file. Units would be readily available too!

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Re: some of the standard output in netcdf

#2 Post by julian.kuhlmann »

I agree, netcdf output for these variables would be nice! For the time being, here's a fix using awk and cdo:

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awk '/0:00  / { print $4 }' output.out > ekin.txt
cdo -f nc input,r1x1 < ekin.txt
For epot, replace "$4" with "$5", etc.

Who knows, someone might find it useful.

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