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Test Cases repository released

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A new directory test in the ROMS repository was created. This new repository is intended for realistic applications using the various algorithms available in ROMS. To check out this repository just type:

svn checkout --username joe_roms https://www.myroms.org/svn/src/test MyDir

where MyDir is the destination directory on your local computer. It will be created if not found. If your username on your local computer is not the same as your ROMS username you will need to pass the --username option to svn.

Currently, this repository contains several 4D-Var test cases for the California Current System, 1/3 degree resolution, (WC13). It includes several sub-directories for each 4D-Var algorithm:

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/WC13                       Main California Current System 4D-Var applications
     /ARRAY_MODES           Stabilized representer matrix array modes and clipping
     /Data                  Input data directory
     /Functionals           Analytical expression header file
     /I4DVAR                Primal form of incremental 4D-Var, I4D-Var
     /I4DVAR_impact         I4D-Var observation impact
     /Normalization         4D-Var error covariance normalization coefficients
     /plotting              4D-Var plotting scripts (Matlab and ROMS plotting package)
     /PSAS                  Dual form of 4D-Var, Physical-space Statistical Analysis System, 4D-PSAS
     /PSAS_impact           4D-PSAS observation impact
     /PSAS_sensitivity      4D-PSAS observation sensitivity (adjoint of 4D-PSAS)
     /R4DVAR                Dual form of 4D-Var, indirect representer method, R4D-Var
     /R4DVAR_impact         R4D-Var observation impact
     /R4DVAR_sensitivity    R4D-Var observation sensitivity (adjoint of R4D-Var)
These tests are part of the upcoming ROMS :arrow: data assimilation workshop at University of California, Santa Cruz, July 12-16, 2010. All the documentation including lectures, :arrow: tutorials, and homeworks will be posted in WikiROMS.

Many thanks to Andy Moore (UCSC) for his tremendous help designing, coding, and testing these algorithms. Also many thanks to ROMS adjoint developers group for making this possible and to ONR and NSF for their sponsorship.

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