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ROMS licensing

#1 Unread post by m.hadfield »

One sees, from time to time, the statement that ROMS is available only for non-commercial use or for research use.

Is this true? What does it mean? I know the code is copyrighted by the ROMS/TOMS group, but is there a license that restricts the users?

Mark Hadfield

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#2 Unread post by rsignell »

ROMS community,

If the policy *is* for "NON COMMERCIAL USE ONLY", I think the policy should be reexamined!

We would benefit from commercial use of ROMS in at least two ways:

1) The ROMS community would benefit from a larger user base, and therefore bugs would be found faster, and we would obtain more experience with ROMS applied to real-world problems.

2) Society would benefit by having a state-of-the-art model available to be applied to these real-world problems, with the capabilities and limitations of the model known through publications in peer-reviewed literature.

Rich Signell

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