Clarification about ROMS/Utility/get_nudgcoef.F

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Clarification about ROMS/Utility/get_nudgcoef.F

#1 Post by stlaur »

Good afternoon,

I have a little question related to ROMS/Utility/get_nudgcoef.F, first introduced in the post:

As described in the post, get_nudgcoef.F is designed to handle values in either day-1 or s-1.
Its logic follows the "units" metadata accompanying the nudging field inside the user's NetCDF file.

At the same time, ROMS/External/varinfo.dat file has (I'm picking M2_NudgeCoef as an example):

Code: Select all

'M2_NudgeCoef'                                     ! Input
  '2D momentum inverse nudging coefficients'
  'day-1'                                          ! [1/s]
  'M2_NudgeCoef, scalar'
If I'm not misinterpreting things, the varinfo suggests that day-1 is the "expected units", followed by a conversion to s-1 (scaling factor of 1.15740d-5).

My question is---does the logic inside get_nudgcoef.F supersedes what's in ROMS/External/varinfo.dat?
In other words, is ROMS silently ignoring the 1.157407d-5 scaling factor written in varinfo.dat?

Obviously I could figure out the answer myself by adding write(*,*) statements throughout the code and determine what ROMS is actually doing.
I just wanted to try the message board before going there. Thanks for your time,

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Re: Clarification about ROMS/Utility/get_nudgcoef.F

#2 Post by kate »

ROMS does read the varinfo.dat and scale things accordingly.

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