A discussion board for ocean and atmospheric modelers

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A discussion board for ocean and atmospheric modelers

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Fellow ROMS users,

I would like to inform you about a proposal for a discussion board for technical questions from modelers who use ocean and atmospheric modeling systems. The proposed discussion board will be a page where users can ask questions, vote for useful questions and/or answers, and mark questions as answered once they get answered. While asking a question they can also tag the tool they use (e.g. ROMS) or the type of problem they have (e.g. Installation, boundary conditions, grid generation etc.).

Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Modeling
http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposa ... FKV_IKGaw2
(alternatively you can Google "stack exchange earth ocean atmospheric modeling")

At the moment, the discussion board is in definition stage. In this stage users only ask the type of questions that they want to see on the discussion board and vote up for the relevant questions. A total of 60 followers and 40 questions with a score of 10 are required to proceed to the next stage -Commit. This will be a fully functional stage where the questions are going to start getting answered.

The discussion board is completely community driven and is free to use with free membership. Hopefully it will be a useful resource and create some synergy between users of different modeling systems once it becomes fully functional. Please check out the link below if you are interested. Your contribution to questions and votes will be very much appreciated!

Note: To vote for questions use the up/down arrows to the right of each question.


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