This page contains animations of the output from the assimilative ROMS ESPRESSO model. The animations start on May 31, 2009 and run to present. The plots show the daily averaged fields. Crossection locations are shown on the upper left map.

Atmospheric forcing data are taken from the North American Mesoscale (NAM) forecast system operated by NCEP. The lateral boundary forcing is from HyCOM 1/12° global run with NCODA. The tidal forcing is from the regional ADCIRC model.

The model assimilates daily along-track Sea Surface Height from RADS, daily blended (MW+IR) Sea Surface Temperature, and regional climatology.


Sea Surface Height

Salinity at 5m

Temperature at 5m

Temperature at 200m

Temperature Section 1

Temperature Section 2

Temperature Section 3

Temperature Section 4

Temperature Section 5

Salinity Section 1

Salinity Section 2

Salinity Section 3

Salinity Section 4

Salinity Section 5